Category: Recruitment Strategy

Effective Networking for Introverts

Melissa Henderson March 28, 2018

I have written quite a few earlier posts regarding how to effectively build your network, but how do you network when you are an introvert?  While extroverts typically flourish and are energized by networking events, most introverts loath the idea of having to “work a room”.  From a borderline introvert/extrovert myself and running a business Read more…

Focusing Corporate Boards on the Talent Agenda

Melissa Henderson March 21, 2018

It is quite refreshing to hear that corporate boards are finally turning their agenda toward talent. Institutional investors are getting involved in the topic of talent. Corporate boards are starting to engage on talent issues. At least half of boards are talking about talent management and the human capital agenda, but data shows that boards Read more…

Why Executive Placements Are More Competitive Than Ever

Melissa Henderson February 28, 2018

For companies hiring and those looking for C-suite and board positions, it is a challenging time. Yes, it works both ways. That is because there are pockets where demand for executives outstrips supply and others where the market is oversaturated. Who Is Hot? Based on my experience with executive placements, you will be highly sought Read more…