Category: Recruitment Strategy

How to Negotiate an Offer

Melissa Henderson November 21, 2018

Over the last sixteen years of practicing, advising and serving as an agent in the arena of executive search, I have seen the offer process go very well and I have also witnessed pure disasters. Most often, executives do not know how to negotiate an offer.  Even though an executive may be very talented at Read more…

Three steps to Executive-Level Placement — Navigating a Military Career Transition to the Private Sector

Melissa Henderson November 14, 2018
Board Member Recruitment | Summit Executive Resources

As I make my final preparations for a panel that I will be serving on tomorrow at the MOAA Military Executives in Transition (MET) program, I thought the following insights would be helpful to my fellow panelists and the audience as they also prepare for attending tomorrow’s program. I work with a number of military Read more…

Interview Preparation – Step Three: Practice & Rehearse

Melissa Henderson October 31, 2018

Taking the time to prepare, practice and rehearse now sounds basic, but you would be amazed at how many candidates simply do not take the time to do so. In the first step of interview preparation, I discussed the importance of research, followed by taking a proactive approach. This third step discusses the science behind essential practice Read more…