Category: Recruitment Strategy

Interview Preparation – Step One: Research

Melissa Henderson June 20, 2018

In my prior post, I discussed initial insights into interview preparation for board of director opportunities. This week, I’m taking a look at the CSuite side of the equation and starting a series of posts on how to prepare for interviews for CSuite opportunities. This advice can also be applied to lower level positions, as Read more…

Preparing for Board of Director Interviews

Melissa Henderson June 13, 2018

It seems to me that almost every executive I speak with aspires to serve on a corporate board. I must say by experience, achieving your first board seat, or even the second will likely be the most difficult, arduous task you will accomplish in your entire professional career. There are a multitude of reasons as Read more…

What Is an Executive Agent?

Melissa Henderson June 6, 2018

A fleeting moment and anything can change. We often think we have control of what is next, but often we are surprised, confused and found in a place for which we are not ready. There you are, in your executive role, with all indicators that you are performing, its working and everyone, including the board Read more…