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Understanding Board Refreshment – Trends & Succession

Melissa Henderson November 8, 2017

In an earlier post, Navigating Board Timing, I shared insights into how most corporate boards, particularly publicly traded, go about appointing new directors. Although it is not an exact science, it is a pretty solid view into how it works in alignment with proxy season.  So, what is happening in the world of board refreshment Read more…

Remembering Hooks Johnston

Melissa Henderson September 6, 2017

Over the course of our careers, there are relationships and mentors that have a far more significant impact than others may.  In the rush of what we “do” every day, we often miss the chance to recognize, appreciate and thank those who made such a dramatic, and at times, personal impact.  Sadly, some of these Read more…

Interview Preparation – Step Four: How To Interview

Melissa Henderson July 27, 2016

In last week’s post on interview preparation, I discussed the essentials of practicing and rehearsing. There is a vast range of questions that could be posed to you in an interview. It is critical that you prepare and practice questions that you will also ask of the interviewer. There are several different interview formats including Read more…