Focusing Corporate Boards on the Talent Agenda

Melissa Henderson March 21, 2018

It is quite refreshing to hear that corporate boards are finally turning their agenda toward talent. Institutional investors are getting involved in the topic of talent. Corporate boards are starting to engage on talent issues. At least half of boards are talking about talent management and the human capital agenda, but data shows that boards Read more…

How to Prepare for a Board Meeting

Melissa Henderson March 14, 2018
Board Member Recruitment

In prior posts, I have discussed various topics related to corporate boards such as board recruitment, timing and compensation.  But what if you have found yourself serving on your first corporate board?  How will you know the steps for effective board meeting preparation? Not only will it help you, but preparation before and between board meetings Read more…

Four Traits of a Great Board Mentor

Ralph Ward March 7, 2018

It is my pleasure to introduce Ralph D. Ward, Publisher & Editor of the Boardroom INSIDER. Ralph’s highly valued boardroom insights is published monthly for directors, CEO’s, Corporate Secretaries, Corporate Counsel and those who work with corporate and nonprofit boards. Ralph Ward is  is the author of several books, “Boardroom Q&A”, “The New Boardroom Leaders”, Read more…