Using Recruiters and Finding Your Niche

Melissa Henderson May 30, 2018

As I prepare for speaking on panel at the Military Officers Association’s (MOAA) – Military Executive Transition Program (MET)  next week, I could not help to reflect on this piece I wrote a couple of years ago.  It is still tremendously relevant and frankly nothing has changed with the recruiter landscape. As the daughter of Read more…

How to Prepare for a Board Meeting

Melissa Henderson May 23, 2018
Board Member Recruitment

In prior posts, I have discussed various topics related to corporate boards such as board recruitment, timing and compensation.  But what if you have found yourself serving on your first corporate board?  How will you know the steps for effective board meeting preparation? Not only will it help you, but preparation before and between board meetings Read more…

How to Time Board Candidate Selection

Melissa Henderson May 16, 2018

Capturing your first or even second board seat can take a very long time, a lot of persistence, perseverance and patience. It may have happened for your friend, colleague or neighbor faster than it is happening for you.  If your reason for serving on a corporate board is to compete with your contemporaries or serve Read more…