Effective Networking for Introverts

Melissa Henderson June 28, 2017
Business colleagues smiling in meeting (focus on man in foreground)

I have written quite a few earlier posts regarding how to effectively build your network, but how do you network when you are an introvert?  While extroverts typically flourish and are energized by networking events, most introverts loath the idea of having to “work a room”.  From a borderline introvert/extrovert myself and running a business Read more…

Private Equity Recruitment and Placement: Is Traditional Search Broken?

Melissa Henderson June 21, 2017
Board of Directors

One value creation method private equity firms use to improve returns on companies they have invested in is operational engineering. Private equity firms seek executives with industry and operating track records to help add value to their portfolio companies. Traditionally they have relied on executive search firms to fill C suite positions albeit with mediocre Read more…

The Effects of Job Hopping

Melissa Henderson June 14, 2017
Job Hopper

Have wondered why the search for your next executive level role is taking so long? Have you honestly assessed the trajectory of your career and many of the associated decisions you made about the roles you have taken, whether by your own decision or out of your own control? While one might think this dilemma Read more…