Military Board Recruitment: Is There Value in the Number of Stars?

Melissa Henderson August 30, 2017

As I consider the makeup of corporate boards and the value of the retired military flag officers in the corporate board room, I see a consistent theme and that is retired three and four–star generals making it to the board room table. What is the missing link and why are there not more one or Read more…

The Effects of Job Hopping

Melissa Henderson August 23, 2017

As you wrap up Summer fun and all the great vacations, it is quite possible you are resolving to take a closer look at where you are with your career.  After all, the last four months of the calendar year is bar far the busiest time for new opportunities. So, I ask you to ponder Read more…

Private Equity Recruitment and Placement: Is Traditional Search Broken?

Melissa Henderson August 16, 2017
Board of Directors

One value creation method private equity firms use to improve returns on companies they have invested in is operational engineering. Private equity firms seek executives with industry and operating track records to help add value to their portfolio companies. Traditionally they have relied on executive search firms to fill C suite positions albeit with mediocre Read more…