What is Crowdfunding & How Does it Work?

Melissa Henderson June 7, 2017

Given a lot of my time is spent in the lower and middle market private equity arena, I am currently getting a lot of questions about crowdfunding.  Many of our client executives are asking me – What is crowdfunding and how does it really work?  Whether you are a Summit Executive Resources executive client, or Read more…

Six Problems with Board Member Recruitment and a New Way Forward

Melissa Henderson May 31, 2017

Obsolescence should not be feared. While it signals the end of something familiar, it welcomes a new way forward. We have reached this crossroads with retained executive search. It is obsolete. Today, the retained executive search process is costly. Frequently, after lengthy recruiting processes, retained searches deliver new board members who fit poorly with the Read more…

Why Executive Placements Are More Competitive Than Ever

Melissa Henderson May 24, 2017

For companies hiring and those looking for C-suite and board positions, it is a challenging time. Yes, it works both ways. That is because there are pockets where demand for executives outstrips supply and others where the market is oversaturated. Who Is Hot? Based on my experience with executive placements, you will be highly sought Read more…