Remembering Hooks Johnston

Melissa Henderson September 6, 2017

Over the course of our careers, there are relationships and mentors that have a far more significant impact than others may.  In the rush of what we “do” every day, we often miss the chance to recognize, appreciate and thank those who made such a dramatic, and at times, personal impact.  Sadly, some of these mentors and relationships are taken from us far sooner than we could ever imagine.

Although now fifteen years have passed, I still vividly remember when my boss and a leader whom I idolized at Russell Reynolds, Stuart Burch, suddenly passed away.  He was called way too soon and for me my time at Russell Reynolds was never really the same.

This week, we have lost an inspirational leader who has also been called too soon. At Summit, we had the great honor and pleasure of working with Hooks Johnston as our client. We will miss his friendly and cheerful disposition from when he visited our office.  I will personally miss his incredible intellect, quick wit, great sense of humor, humility, deep connection to faith and above all a collaborative, generous style that is so rare among the executive ranks of this era.  I will cherish the last conversation we shared last week as we mapped a plan and strategy toward a board opportunity.

Family, friends and the world of business has all too soon lost what the Washington Business Journal shares about Hooks – a brilliant, talented, generous and ever so kind man.

Thank you, Hooks, for the generous gift of reconnecting me with my faith just two years ago. Psalm 90:12 — Make us know the shortness of our life/that we may gain wisdom of heart.


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