Your next C-level position. A perfect fit.

At retained search firms, executives like you have very little clout. Your phone calls go unanswered. Months pass. Nobody cares. Why? Because you aren’t their client.

At Summit Executive Resources, we’re turning executive placement on its head and changing the way C-level executives advance their careers. Unlike retained search firms that work for the hiring companies, we are your personal representative and advocate, much like a professional sports agent.

That means we give you the leverage in the marketplace, even while you’re holding down a busy job.  We can dramatically cut the time it takes to find your perfect position — usually in less than half the time it would take on your own.

We do the hard work for you — finding executive placement opportunities, screening companies and making your interview appointments. While we can’t interview for you, we can provide all the support and advice you need to walk in prepared and confident. When your interview is finished, we’ll step in to negotiate and close the deal.

Because our unique model has generated intense interest across the country — from companies, boards of directors, private equity firms and venture capital firms, we’ve developed contacts and relationships that you won’t find anywhere else. As your executive agent, we can open many doors for you — anywhere.

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