A Tough Marketplace

Ed Nadworny

Partner and Vice President, IBM Global Business Services

A Tough Marketplace
Ed Nadworny was President of the Higher Education Division at SunGard, a leading software and technology services company, when he and several other executives left after a corporate restructuring. In the fall of 2009, Ed contacted the same retained search firm that had recruited him to SunGard from his prior position as President of CGI Federal. The search firm never returned his call.

Frustrated with his own search, Ed contacted CGI President Donna Morea, who had overseen his division at CGI. Donna recommended that he talk to Melissa Henderson at Summit Executive Resources, a firm that was taking an exciting new approach to executive placement.

In January of 2010, Ed met with Melissa for the first time. Impressed by her firm’s approach, he retained Summit to help him find his ideal position.

Credentials and a Strategy
Summit collected credentials from Ed’s entire career, including every resume, article and speaking engagement from his past. They also conducted an intensive analytic assessment of his leadership qualities and carefully checked all of his references. Informed by this wealth of information, Summit formulated Ed’s approach to the marketplace. Summit developed multiple versions of his resume, as well as presentation letters aligned with his advancement strategy.

As the team identified target companies, they customized Ed’s approach to each firm. By mid-February, Summit hit the market on Ed’s behalf.

A Breakthrough
As Summit was developing opportunities for Ed’s consideration, an intriguing opportunity surfaced through a third channel. IBM was conducting a retained search and sourced an executive well known to Ed. The executive referred Ed to the recruiter: “Ed is your guy, and you can stop your search.” Surprisingly, the recruiter never called Ed, nor did he respond to any of Ed’s inquiries.

Summit recognized an opportunity. Summit’s research team was able to identify the relevant hiring executive at IBM, and Melissa put in a call. She got no response. Undaunted, she persisted with a series of calls and emails to the hiring executive, who eventually relented and agreed to hear her out. The executive quickly understood Summit’s value proposition and asked for more information about Ed. Summit forwarded Ed’s customized resume, assessments and reference validation panel. Soon thereafter, IBM halted their search.

By April, Ed was the new Partner and Vice President of IBM Global Business Services — only three months after engaging Summit. “I couldn’t be happier! “ says Ed Nadworny. “There were a number of opportunities before me, most of which were right for someone else but not for me. Summit was able to remove the ‘noise’ and identify only those opportunities where the fit was most appropriate. Doors normally blocking me were opened immediately. I can say with no hesitation that without Summit, I would not be with IBM today.”