Getting Back into the Corporate Game

Stephen Foley

Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Service, iJet International

Getting Back into the Corporate Game

Stephen Foley spent over a year running his own firm, Involved Sales—providing business strategy, sales training, coaching and consulting services to a variety of organizations including start-ups, technology providers and large global public organizations.  But he was missing something and soon realized he missed being in a corporate environment.  He wanted to get back into the game.

Prior to founding Involved Sales, Steve was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Americas for the Video Intelligence Division with Verint Systems Inc.  He had also led U.S. and International sales and support teams for global technology companies including Cognos Corporation and Microstrategy Inc. Steve is a published author and a well-respected thought leader in sales, sales processes, sales tools, identifying “A” players and developing “B” sales representatives into “A” sales executives.

Working his Network Produces Lukewarm Results

After making the decision to return to a corporate environment, Steve worked his network in the local DC area.  He attended conferences meeting with emerging companies. He dabbled with several executive recruitment firms, but did not see much effort on their end in helping him with this next move.  A lot of promises were made, but no one was targeting Steve’s background for the right market or even staying current with opportunities.

Through his initial networking, Steve connected with Carl Grant, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Cooley Goddard.  Carl recommended Steve speak with Melissa Henderson, Founder and CEO of Summit Executive Resources.  Carl was familiar with Summit’s model and thought the firm would be a good fit with Steve’s career strategy.

Steve spoke to Melissa in February 2014 and was impressed with Summit’s business model.  He asked for four references from Summit.  Summit also vetted Steve with key players and former colleagues in the industry.  His feedback came back quickly and was resoundingly positive.  Steve signed with Summit at the end of March and the engagement officially kicked off on April 2, 2014.

Results in Record Time

Summit examined and updated Steve’s LinkedIn profile, as well as reviewed and updated his resume and bio.  Summit listened and strategized with Steve to better understand his preferred target market. After all was set, they hit the streets on his behalf on April 23, 2014.

Summit isolated particular companies and opportunities for Steve to review.  He would advise if he was “interested” or “not interested”.  Summit would aggressively go after the particular opportunities Steve expressed interest in.  At the same time, Summit was contacting targeted private equity firms, as well as alternative companies searching to fill openings across North America.

Within two weeks, Summit had successfully introduced Steve to Kristen Chang, VP of Talent Acquisition at LLR Partners, a private equity firm.  Kristen held an exploratory discussion with Steve and quickly decided that the initial opportunity LLR had was not a fit. However, it was in that meeting that Steve and Kristen really connected in terms of business intelligence.  Kristen knew she wanted Steve in one of LLR’s portfolio companies.

Two weeks later, Steve got a call from Melissa advising him that LLR had created a new position at iJet for a VP of Direct Sales.  Steve interviewed with iJet and thought it was a very interesting company with a good opportunity. It was in further discussions, recognizing Steve’s expertise and track record that the role grew to become Sr. VP of Global Sales and Customer Service.  Steve knew he had made his way back in the game.

After six weeks of working with Summit, Steve was officially offered this new position.  Summit assisted him in negotiations and together they brought everything to a successful close.

Steve has been with iJet for six months. Besides the satisfaction of knowing he’s returned to the corporate environment he missed, he’s happy to be working for a company that successfully protects global organizations’ people and assets by leveraging iJet’s proprietary business intelligence software, patented processes, global operations and network of security, geopolitical and medical experts.