Category: Private Equity

When Should You Use an Executive Agent?

Melissa Henderson August 8, 2018

Over nine years ago, while I was practicing retained executive search in a large firm and a boutique, it became clear to me that retained executive search is broken. On a daily basis, I was receiving calls and requests, asking if I could flip the retained search model.  Was there a better model? Well, I Read more…

Investor Expectations: Boards of Directors – Further Insights

Melissa Henderson August 1, 2018

In last week’s post, Investor Expectations – Boards of Directors, I began to examine what investors expect from their boards of directors where they invest. I dove into investor trends, shareholder activism, board skill requirements and board diversity. Expanding on last week’s post, this week I will dive further into what investors expect from their Read more…

Investor Expectations – Boards of Directors

Melissa Henderson July 25, 2018

Although investor activism campaigns are on the rise, it is not just the activist investors who have become more vocal. In fact, investors in general are becoming increasingly vocal about their expectations of boards of directors.  So, what are the current investor expectations of the boards of directors where they invest? How do investors assess board performance Read more…