Unveiling the Expansive Reach of Generative AI: Beyond Text and Image Generation

Introduction Generative AI, once limited to text and image generation, has rapidly extended to reach across diverse industries with transformative potential. This article explores the lesser-known applications of generative AI, particularly in industrial and critical infrastructure asset health analysis. Drawing from my extensive experience driving market expansion through innovative technology… Read More

The Effects of Job Hopping

Have you ever wondered why the search for your next executive level role is taking so long?  Have you honestly assessed the trajectory of your career and many of the associated decisions you made about the roles you have taken, whether by your own decision or out of your own… Read More

How to Prepare for a Board Meeting

Summit Executive Resources | Private Equity Partners

In prior posts, I have discussed various topics related to corporate boards, such board recruitment, timing and compensation.  But, what if you have found yourself serving on your first corporate board?  How will you know the steps for effective board meeting preparation? Not only will it help you, but preparation… Read More