What Leadership Looks Like: No Matter the Field

Imagine a leadership training program disguised as a baseball team. Gathered in the outfield after the championship game, the Captain stood and pointed to each player, citing their contributions throughout the season. Each player beamed with pride as some highlight of his performance was detailed. The victory had truly been a team victory, with contributions… Read More

What Is an Executive Agent?

A fleeting moment and anything can change. We often think we have control of what is next, but often we are surprised, confused and found in a place for which we are not ready. There you are, in your executive role, with all indicators that you are performing, its working and everyone, including the board… Read More

A Primer in Board of Directors Compensation

This primer is applicable to mid-market companies across several industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail and financial services. For mid-market companies, the average board encompasses nine directors with approximately 80% of those being independent directors. There is a direct correlation between the size (revenues) of a company and board director compensation. For purposes… Read More

A Primer – Corporate Board Gender Equity Legislation

Our executive clients here at Summit Executive Resources, as other potential corporate board candidates, have been trying to get a succinct understanding of California’s legislature focused on gender equity on corporate boards and how that is trickling to other states and governing organizations, such as Nasdaq. I hope the following overview and links, provides that… Read More

Focusing Corporate Boards on the Talent Agenda

It is quite refreshing to hear that corporate boards are finally turning their agenda toward talent. Institutional investors are getting involved in the topic of talent. Corporate boards are starting to engage on talent issues. At least half of boards are talking about talent management and the human capital agenda, but data shows that boards… Read More

The Effects of Job Hopping

Have you ever wondered why the search for your next executive level role is taking so long?  Have you honestly assessed the trajectory of your career and many of the associated decisions you made about the roles you have taken, whether by your own decision or out of your own control? While one might think… Read More

Reaffirming the Good Friday Agreement

Testimony of Mitchell B. Reiss   U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Energy, the Environment and Cyber Wednesday, May 5, 2021 “Reaffirming the Good Friday Agreement” Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee: Thank you for inviting me to testify today about the status of the Good Friday Agreement, the… Read More