Today’s private equity firms are being squeezed from two sides. First, the SEC is demanding greater transparency into operating partner compensation, funding, and organization. And tough new regulations are on the horizon. Second, firms are increasingly challenged to find the right talent to lead their portfolio companies.

We’ve written this guide to help. To thrive in today’s market, firms like yours need a good grasp of the new private equity compliance environment and its implications for your firm and the companies you finance — so you can find and incentivize the top leaders you need to grow your portfolio.

Get the straight facts and unconventional wisdom your firm needs to lead in turbulent times. Best of all it’s free!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the SEC’s transparency requirements are impacting private equity firms
  • Why operating partner models have to change
  • New thinking around executive compensation
  • How a new executive recruitment model is disrupting the industry
  • Strategies for establishing a deep bench of executive talent

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