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How to Time Board Candidate Selection

Melissa Henderson July 19, 2017
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This has quite possibly been the most hectic, unpredictable and surprising season for board succession that I have experienced, since representing our first independent director client, Lou Testoni, close to seven years ago. While I typically rely on the premise of introducing our client to a potential board opportunity six to nine months before proxy, Read more…

When Should You Use an Executive Agent?

Melissa Henderson July 5, 2017
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Over eight years ago, while I was practicing retained executive search in a large firm and a boutique, it became clear to me that retained executive search is broken. On a daily basis, I was receiving calls and requests, asking if I could flip the retained search model.  Was there a better model? Well, I Read more…

Six Problems with Board Member Recruitment and a New Way Forward

Melissa Henderson May 31, 2017

Obsolescence should not be feared. While it signals the end of something familiar, it welcomes a new way forward. We have reached this crossroads with retained executive search. It is obsolete. Today, the retained executive search process is costly. Frequently, after lengthy recruiting processes, retained searches deliver new board members who fit poorly with the Read more…