Category: Establishing Board of Directors

What is a Healthy Board Culture?

Melissa Henderson January 30, 2019

As we continue to examine the ingredients of a successful board of directors, another component, board culture, is tantamount to a board’s success. Board culture affects decision-making and the directors’ relationship with management, impacting their ability to advise executive management and provide the necessary oversight. Because of this, a board needs to understand its culture, which Read more…

A Primer in Board of Directors Compensation

Melissa Henderson January 23, 2019

In a prior post, I outlined the components of board of director’s compensation as well as some high points regarding the ranges of compensation in most publicly traded mid-cap companies. In today’s post, I will take a deeper dive into board compensation. This primer is applicable to mid-market companies across several industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, real Read more…

Understanding Board of Director’s Compensation

Melissa Henderson January 16, 2019

Along with the mystery of how to land the first board seat, comes the second mystery – understanding a board of director’s compensation. As potential clients of Summit Executive Resources consider the path to independent directorships, we are often asked for our insights into what components comprise a board of director’s compensation as well as Read more…