Category: Establishing Board of Directors

Six Problems with Board Member Recruitment and a New Way Forward

Melissa Henderson January 10, 2018

Obsolescence should not be feared. While it signals the end of something familiar, it welcomes a new way forward. We have reached this crossroads with retained executive search. It is obsolete. Today, the retained executive search process is costly. Frequently, after lengthy recruiting processes, retained searches deliver new board members who fit poorly with the Read more…

What Boards Want: Great Board Candidates

Melissa Henderson December 6, 2017

As we are right in the middle of board proxy season and we have previously explored how to time board candidate selection, many board candidates are eager to hear whether they have been selected amongst a very competitive base of board talent. Albeit slow moving, I believe board succession agendas are transitioning from the good Read more…

Understanding Board Refreshment – Diversity & New Directors

Melissa Henderson November 29, 2017

Earlier this month, I shared insights into what is happening in the arena of board refreshment, particularly in the areas of the latest trends and succession. In this second part of understanding board refreshment, we will look at how the needle is moving in board room diversity and what companies are looking for in new Read more…