Category: Rethinking Executive Search

Six Problems with Board Member Recruitment and a New Way Forward

Melissa Henderson January 10, 2018

Obsolescence should not be feared. While it signals the end of something familiar, it welcomes a new way forward. We have reached this crossroads with retained executive search. It is obsolete. Today, the retained executive search process is costly. Frequently, after lengthy recruiting processes, retained searches deliver new board members who fit poorly with the Read more…

Why Executives Need an Agent

Melissa Henderson January 3, 2018

With the New Year upon us, many of us have proclaimed their resolutions for 2018. This is the time of the year when gym memberships and diet programs have their highest sign-up rate, only to peter out in just another month or two. But perhaps this year, your resolution might be to make that next Read more…

Effective Networking for Introverts

Melissa Henderson December 20, 2017

I have written quite a few earlier posts regarding how to effectively build your network, but how do you network when you are an introvert?  While extroverts typically flourish and are energized by networking events, most introverts loath the idea of having to “work a room”.  From a borderline introvert/extrovert myself and running a business Read more…