Category: Rethinking Executive Search

When Should You Use an Executive Agent?

Melissa Henderson August 8, 2018

Over nine years ago, while I was practicing retained executive search in a large firm and a boutique, it became clear to me that retained executive search is broken. On a daily basis, I was receiving calls and requests, asking if I could flip the retained search model.  Was there a better model? Well, I Read more…

What Is an Executive Agent?

Melissa Henderson June 6, 2018

A fleeting moment and anything can change. We often think we have control of what is next, but often we are surprised, confused and found in a place for which we are not ready. There you are, in your executive role, with all indicators that you are performing, its working and everyone, including the board Read more…

Using Recruiters and Finding Your Niche

Melissa Henderson May 30, 2018

As I prepare for speaking on panel at the Military Officers Association’s (MOAA) – Military Executive Transition Program (MET)  next week, I could not help to reflect on this piece I wrote a couple of years ago.  It is still tremendously relevant and frankly nothing has changed with the recruiter landscape. As the daughter of Read more…